Install HP Raid HPSA ssacli on Ubuntu

15 novembre 2017 par: Benoit Bonneville

You just take a new server, and you want to manage your Raid Array ?

Get sascli for HPSA Smart Array with sascli on Ubuntu

In order to use the documentation you need the ssacli tools.

This install method works on latest LTS ubuntu Release, Ubuntu 14.04 trusty and Ubuntu 16.04 Xenials.

You just have to edit

nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Then add the source at the end of the file
For Ubuntu 14.04

deb trusty current/non-free

For Ubuntu 16.04

deb xenial current/non-free

Then install your package.

apt-get update && apt-get install ssacli

You will also have access to all HPE package

That’s it !


You can replace « current » with values « 10.40 » or « 10.60« ,
version number will evolve, you can check them here :

The source

Look at this tutorial,

Then browse the debian repository and you will find an ubuntu repository,
Then upgrade it to httpS (security should matter to server hosting)